Posted by: Downtown Westbrook – Seeing Orange in Uncategorized on July 13, 2022

  • Starting the week of July 11 – an expanded road closure will be set up at the intersection of Main & Mechanic St which will result in Main St being a dead end from the West.
  • Main St Businesses from William Clarke Drive to Mechanic St are open but are only accessible via the westerly Main St access at William Clarke Drive/New Gorham Rd intersection.
  • Mechanic St will be closed off to traffic from William Clarke Dr.  No access from William Clarke Dr to Mechanic St will be permitted (toward Main Street.
  • Vertical Way will have a one-way circulation from CVS to Mechanic St (West bound) for 2-3 weeks to install piles.  
  • During the week of July 11, a 2-3 day closure of Vertical Way will occur directly in front of CVS.   Customer Access to Hub Furniture, Martini Lane, Istanbul Market, and Family Dollar will need to be via sidewalk from the Saccarappa Temp Parking Lot on Main St.