Posted by: Downtown Westbrook – Seeing Orange in Uncategorized on September 16, 2022

As construction continues, we have a few notes to keep you informed and ready for travel.

Now that Main Street is open, the downtown construction has moved to the final phase of traffic disruption. As previously mentioned, William Clarke Drive/Route 25 will have a westbound lane closure that starts Tuesday 9/20. This lane closure will begin at the intersection of Church Street, and end at Mechanic Street.

Westbound traffic will be reduced to one lane, and Eastbound traffic should be unaffected. 

Dedicated turning lanes will remain for Central Street & Brackett Street.

There will be no designated left turn lane on to Mechanic Street. 

This closure will be in place through the end of 2022. Westbound commuters (toward Portland) are encouraged to seek an alternate route.

Thanks as always go out to the Westbrook community for your support during this time of investment in our City. We’re all excited to be laying the foundation for Westbrook’s future.