Construction continues on this revitalization project that is replacing critical aging infrastructure, as well as revitalizing this open space for future community events. 

This 2-year project is expected to remain active throughout 2022 before substantial completion at the end of 2022. 

Through 11/15/2022

Traffic disruptions are not anticipated as a result of this project, however, occasional disruptions may occur due to: 

  • Construction vehicles entering and exiting Westbrook Common. 
  • Major construction activities are underway on this project and adjacent projects. Use caution in this area.

Parallel parking along Main Street near Westbrook Common may be difficult due to construction vehicles in the (unlined) parking spaces. 

The new temporary parking lot at Saccarappa Park is a good option for parking when visiting downtown Westbrook. 

Sidewalks on the Westbrook Common side of Main Street remain closed. Pedestrian access is maintained to all businesses around Westbrook Common. 

No bus line disruptions are anticipated. Metro patrons are encouraged to use the stop near Walker Memorial Library (away from active construction).

Westbrook Common was transformed from a city street to a pedestrian mall during 1970’s urban renewal efforts.

Underground utilities in the common area were installed in the early 1900s to provide power, drainage, and water to the area businesses + residents. These vital utilities must be replaced before the common area can be transformed into a welcoming + aesthetically attractive gathering space for the community. Additional parallel parking along Main Street added, along with a new 3-phase transformer to power area businesses + downtown lighting.

Northeast Credit Union will sponsor the first season of concerts in the park for Westbrook Common.