Construction continues on the urban farm (Vertical Harvest) and Downtown Westbrook Parking Garage at the corner of Mechanic Street and William Clarke Drive. 

Both the urban farm and downtown parking garage will be substantially complete in late 2023. Your patience is appreciated as the foundation of Westbrook’s growth is carefully laid.

Through 12/31/22

Starting Monday 11/7:

On Friday 12/2: 

  • Mechanic Street will open to two-way traffic from William Clarke Drive to Vertical Way (toward Main Street).
  • Vertical Way, the new name for the drive around the construction project, remains closed to traffic through the end of December. 

William Clark Drive will have the shoulder closed on the westbound lane (toward Gorham). Eastbound traffic (toward Portland) remains unaffected.

Saccarappa Park at the corner of Main and Bridge Street, serves as a temporary parking lot for downtown residents and businesses. Customers accessing Main Street businesses in this area (HUB Furniture, Martini Lane, Istanbul Market, Family Dollar, etc.) should park in Saccarappa Park, the temporary parking lot at the corner of Main and Bridge Street.

The sidewalks around this project remain closed, including parts of Mechanic Street, Vertical Way, and William Clarke Drive.

The Mechanic Street bus stop will remain closed. Metro patrons are encouraged to use another bus stop (away from active construction) until 2023. 

Vertical Harvest is a public private partnership (P3) project to redevelop the Mechanic Street public parking lot along William Clarke Drive. The project includes a free public parking garage next to an urban farm for growing produce. While under construction, residents and businesses can use a temporary parking lot constructed by the City in Saccarappa Park.

The access road around this project will be known as Vertical Way, which will remain a two-way street open throughout construction to ensure that patrons can visit all area businesses in the surrounding area.