This two-year project begins the end of 2021.

Week of 12/20/2021

No traffic disruptions are anticipated this week.

No parking disruptions anticipated.

No pedestrian or bus line disruptions anticipated.

Arial Shot of the Vertical Harvest Building

Vertical Harvest is a public private partnership (P3) project to redevelop the Mechanic Street public parking lot along William Clarke Drive. The project includes a free public parking garage with two stories of residential apartments on top. An urban farm for growing produce is located at the corner of Wm. Clarke Drive + Mechanic Street. While under construction, residents + businesses can use a temporary parking lot constructed by the City in Saccarappa Park.

The access road around this project will be known as Vertical Way, which will remain a two-way street open throughout construction to ensure that patrons can visit all area businesses in the surrounding area.

Traffic Disruption

William Clarke Drive

  • 2021 – 2022: one lane will close periodically throughout the project to allow for deliveries of steel + other materials to the site.
  • 2022 – 2023: lanes will reduce and/or shift in both directions to accommodate for construction along roadway as needed.
  • Spring 2022: night work is anticipated when the utilities under Wm. Clarke Drive are replaced + rerouted to Mechanic Street.

Main Street (from Mechanic St to Bridge St)

  • March 2022: both directions will be closed for at least a month to allow for deep utility construction.

Mechanic Street

  • April 2022: both directions will be closed for at least one month to allow for deep utility construction.

Parking Disruption

In anticipation of construction in November 2021, the City is constructing a temporary parking lot at Saccarappa Park where residents + businesses can park for free while the new parking garage is being constructed from 2021 to 2023. The temporary lot at Saccarappa Park will have 80+ parking spaces are for residents + businesses; no contractor parking will be allowed.

Pedestrian + Bus (Metro) Disruptions

Crosswalks may be temporarily closed + relocated during street closures on:

  • Wm. Clarke Drive
  • Main Street (from Mechanic St to Bridge St)
  • Mechanic Street

The bus station on Mechanic Street will remain in use, unless the street is closed. The bus station on Wm. Clarke Drive will be relocated to the library until the new larger bus pullout + station are constructed.