This park will be transformed into a temporary parking lot for downtown businesses + residents to use.

Week of 12/20/2021

No traffic disruptions from this future project are anticipated this week.

No parking disruptions from this future project are expected this week.

No pedestrian or bus line disruptions anticipated this week.

Arial View of Sacarrappa Park

Saccarappa Park is a one-acre park at the corner of Bridge + Main Streets, which will serve as a temporary public parking lot starting in Fall 2021 while downtown projects are under construction.

The parking spaces created are intended for patrons + employees of downtown businesses, as well as residents.

This lot will remain open until the new parking garage is constructed or additional downtown parking is made available to businesses and residents.

Traffic Disruption

Conversion of the park to a parking lot will be completed by Public Services. Little to no traffic disruption is anticipated during construction.

Parking Distruption

This temporary parking lot is intended to minimize parking disruptions in downtown Westbrook while the new parking garage is being constructed + Westbrook Common is being revitalized.

Pedestrian + Bus (Metro) Disruptions

Downtown businesses + Metro bus stops are walkable from this temporary parking lot.