Construction has resumed on this 2-year project to reconfigure this central roadway.

Click here to view the Cumberland Mills Roadway Master Plan

Week of 5/20/2022-5/27/2022

Curb setting and sidewalk building has begun.

Traffic disruptions are anticipated. Using an alternate route if/when possible is recommended.

Parking disruptions to any on-street parking can be anticipated, but parking at local business is not.

Pedestrian or bus line disruptions are anticipated.

Cumberland Mills Roadway

Cumberland Mills Triangle project is underway in 2021 and consists of three project elements:

  • Mill + Fill of the full width of the street, plus curb + sidewalk improvements
  • Traffic signal improvements
  • New striping patterns

Traffic Disruption

The Cumberland Mills traffic triangle is a heavily traveled road with 10,000 plus vehicles daily. The three project elements are meant to increase safety for pedestrians + bicyclists, as well as automobile + truck traffic, especially in winter months.

Parking Disruption

Access to businesses + residences within the traffic triangle will be maintained.

Details on parking will follow.

Pedestrian + Bus (Metro) Disruptions

This project is meant to improve pedestrian walkability + bicycle safety in this area.