Although this project is close to final, the parking lot will be under construction as part of the Lincoln St. Hand-Carry Boat Launch project.

Week of 5/20/2022-5/27/2022

No traffic disruptions anticipated.

No parking disruptions anticipated.

No pedestrian or bus line disruptions anticipated.

58 Lincoln St. Season Court and Rink

Cornelia Warren Four-Season Rink + Court was recently constructed in 2021. This unique park located at 58 Lincoln Street is shared with the Hand-Carry Boat Launch.

The Rink + Court are currently available for futsal, soccer, pickle ball, floor hockey, roller blading/skating and other non-winter sports. See Community Services webpage and/or social media for more information.

In colder months, the rink will be flooded for skating + hockey.

Traffic Disruption

The parking lot at this park (58 Lincoln Street) will be reconstructed in 2021 + 2022 as part of the Hand-Carry Boat Launch project.

Parking Disruption

Parking along the side of Lincoln Street will be required in 2021 + 2022 while the parking lot is under construction/closed.

Pedestrian + Bus (Metro) Disruptions

Pedestrians + users of this site + the Hand-Carry Boat Launch should follow pedestrian access signs to avoid entering active construction zones.