Construction resumed on this project this month. It will continue through July 2022, when substantial completion is anticipated.

Week of 5/20/2022-5/27/2022

No traffic disruptions are anticipated for this project, other than construction vehicles entering/exiting the site on Lincoln Street.

The parking lot at the site, which is shared with the Four Season Rink + Court, is closed until further notice.

Although the riverside trail is not accessible at the site during construction, no pedestrian or bus line disruptions are anticipated with the project.

Hand Carry Boat Launch

Hand-carry Boat Launch is located at 58 Lincoln Street (behind the Four-Season Rink + Court). This project is intended to improve access to the Presumpscot River for canoes + kayaks (not motorized or trailered boats). The project will also address:

  • Modernization of the on-site parking lot at this unique park, which includes ADA compliance + drainage.
  • Erosion + sedimentation control from the parking lot + access driveway down to the River.
  • Stabilization of the riverbank to clear invasive species + other dense vegetation.

Traffic Disruption

Reconstruction of the parking lot at 58 Lincoln Street is not expected to interrupt traffic in this area.

Parking Disruption

The primary parking lot is closed for reconstruction. Once the parking lot is reconstructed, there will be 2 ADA-compliant spaces + 13 regular parking spaces. On-street parking is also available along Lincoln Street where indicated by street signs.

Pedestrian + Bus (Metro) Disruption

Pedestrians + users of the Hand-Carry Boat Launch and the Four-Season Rink + Court should follow pedestrian access signs to avoid entering active construction zones.